Alchemy Chaos Sketches

I came across Alchemy while watching David Leroy’s fantastic speedpainting video of a piece of Durian concept art. It’s a really nice way of generating some chaos to help inspire your drawing. The interface is minimalistic and intuitive, and to tools create some really interesting shapes whilst also allowing a decent amount of control for once you want to start picking out specific forms. I’m not the greatest painter, but I think I managed some interesting results, starting with alchemy and then moving to GIMP to do the main part of the painting.

That’s a very interesting piece of art. With the bottom finished up, it would be a very interesting finished piece.

Nice work

I have to say, when I saw that in the video I got excited. I’ve never thought of intentionally making chose like that, but it makes a lot of sense to me.

Inspiring! Time to go play…

Yeah, I saw that video a while back on Blender Nation. I just gave a try after seeing yours. I can’t seem to get good results using alchemy.

Great drawings, I particularly like the bunny. Such a great expression :slight_smile:

Another Couple:

A more frivolous one - pretty much pure alchemy:

This one’s still a WIP:

I’m liking all of these.
Nice work.
Looking forward to more.

Update to the above. It’s a little bland really, not surprising as I had no idea what it would be going into it, still it was fun.

Looks… epic. You should try to make a matte version. Just run through quickly, give yourself 45 minutes, see what you can get done using basic shapes and a simple color pallete. The same image. I love the huge planet thing in the background, and the pole sticking out of the clouds that you added. When using chaos, you should also try using some lower opacities, that way you may find more distance. Also, the floating craft thingy looks too contrasty compared to the sky, it’s a really lighted scene, try making the vehicles lighter too, so they don’t look ‘odd’. Really nice work tho, did you paint the clouds too?

I liked the Alchemy to Zbrush mask video. Thought that was cool.

Can blenders sculpt mode use something like a png as a mask? Would be fun to try as long as sculpt mode can go high enough with the subdivision I guess.

Nice work btw.

@ Mad Hatteur: Thanks for your suggestions. The clouds are a photo from CGTextures, and the planet uses a couple of textures from there too, mapped to a sphere, it’s a pretty quick/easy way to start off a planet.

@ Yellow: The Zbrush/Alchemy technique could probably be acheived using the displacement modifier - With the added bonus that the precise mapping would be really easy to alter.

You inspired me to share my own work with Alchemy. Thanks ben! —>

I hope to become as good as you some day! Nice images! Really nice work.

Wow thats nice…
Perhaps the structure on the left could have some more contrast for a better “roundedness” feeling…
I like the way you visualized the spacecraft.