Alchemy -- great program

Just came across this yesterday. I can’t believe it’s not more popular than it is! Sure, it lacks a few features, but for its specific purpose (quick concepting) it’s superb.

Holy Wow, thats seriously cool.
Either he’s just amazing or that software is ground breaking, a bit of both i suspect.

Cool - I’ll around the site later on.

I remember finding this about five months ago. It’s REALLY good for concepting, but I’ll warn you that if you don’t have a good computer or graphics card, the anti-aliased drawing bit can get slow at times. Plus it eats up memory as you draw, until you close it. In the end, it’s still really good.


This is a program based on sound or like a GIMP/Photoshop thing?

Sort of. But it’s not designed for creating finished works; it’s designed for concepting and quickly laying down a lot of pixels with a fair amount of flexibility. Try it out, it’s really simple.

Thanks for the link! I’m having a ton of fun messing around with this!

Yeh Ive been playing with it and its very useful!

Cheers for link :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder if they will do what crazybump did and charge when they get out of beta tests :S

Looks like a cool program, im downloading right now.

neat, thanks…unfortunetly I don’t think I have the jre for some reason, lemme see.

seems interesting, i’ll check it out when I have time.

Yay I´m a designer now. :slight_smile:

I want to know how he could have so much control over making those eyes with just sound! I’ll check it out, maybe I will make pictures based on the music I have!

It would be cool to play a song and see what it makes out of that! Any takers? I don’t have time at the moment, but I would love to see results.

Probably the best program I’ve played with in a while.


is this like the “keyframe from waveform” function from AE/houdini?

I’m not intimately familiar with that function in Houdini, but in Alchemy, it basically just reads the volume level from your microphone and modulates stroke width based on it. It’s kind of neat, and can be used to rather interesting effect… but I also suspect it’s making the people in my household think I’m going crazy(er), as I sit there making strange whistling and whooping noises while I draw. :slight_smile: