Alchemy Lab [WIP]

Hey guys and girls, this is my first attempt in Cycles. It’s an alchemy lab, still work in progress, some textures and materials are missing and there are some mistakes I know about.
I want to add some smoke and mist and of course there is no compositing.
Render Time> about 10 minutes, 500 samples, direct light and no AO

The idea of this lab is from a Feng Zhu’s student. Hope you like it and comments and critique are welcome.

Alchemy Lab


(for the people too lazy to click)

Looks awesome! i love the fluid tanks :>

Looks awesome! Once you finish up the textures you going to post some cool cinematic camera angles of your scene?

The lighting looks real good and clean, was just thinking this would be a cool scene to experiment with some moody lighting.

shibazz: I’m plannig to make a poster with some different views and maybe with some details of two or three models. I would like to add smoke and mist as I wrote but I’m not sure if I’m going to choose Blender or postprocess it. Any advice?

only note would be the middle chair is too sqarish make it snoother rounder!

looking good man


Thanks for the comment, but my refference image says that the chair must be uncomfortable:-)

This looks as if it’s going to be a fine piece of work. I agree about the chair looking somehow too square, but the rest of it looks as if it knows where it’s going.

Hey guys, I’ve decided to make changes. The table is simple so the throne didn’t fit into the scene so I made a simple gothic chair. The base under the fluid tanks was really massive so my friend gave me an advice and some refference pictures. Hope you like it.

mediaval chair ok that;s good !

now can you a characgter in the scene does not matter if super nice it wood gives some diea on the dimensions of all thigns around

like the aquarium on the right in green it looks to meto be out of proportion may be!

nice work coming along very well