ALCO Advert video.

The video is in Youtube.
Unfortunately, advertiser (alcohol company) did not paid full cost of the video. Indeed, I took funny money for 1 month work.

But for 2.49b blender the fire is well.
And film too short, it’s not my fault. Customer wished 10 seconds.



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alcohol is not poison. It is a drug that can cause harm when not used in moderation.
and do you have to use someone else’s song?

Hmmm. It didn’t catch my interest- I think the color is weird, plus yeah the music too.

Most over used song on youtube.

OK, I’ll change song
The voicing was not in my duty. I did only video.

& do you need tutorial on fire? version 2.49b

I have to say that fire is very good for 2.49b, good for small scale flames, but I am hoping to move onto 2.5 soon, it is just such a leap though,