Alcyone HMG 15.[Z]

Sci-fi Concept Motorcycle, inspired in kaneda´s bike and frame of a chopper bike.
The fuel is from hydrogen battery, and has cameras around to show a digital vision of the environment, like the google glass.
And i´ve created a videotutorial series in spanish, where I show and explain my workflow, and the tricks I use to create my own art.

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That’s crazy nice, but it seems the handlebars are not angled the way they should be?

The pose would be similar to chopper or harley davidson

If that is the scale then the seat should be different, as is it looks like a child-sized seat. That pad on top is usually where the head/neck area goes.

Cool design. - I know not one word of spanish, but what I can make out from the video is that you sculpted and then retopologized the model. I´m new to Blender, but that´s exactly what I was thinking would be an awesome workflow for any product design. It let´s you freely think and and experiment with form while designing and then quite easily fix it into a clean mesh. - Actually you can take this even further by exporting the polygon base mesh without subdivision to a software, that supports T-Splines and convert everything to solids / nurbs that way. Like that you can take it quite easily from sculpt to production. - Definitely something I am going to try. Thanks for sharing.

Here is a video showing how to take a polymodel to nurbs using Blender and Fusion360, which might be of interest to you, if you haven´t seen it already?

In this case this pad on top y for resting the back

I haven´t seen this before DM9. Thank you for sharing.

Color variations

Crazy shit! I love the design!

Hi!Would love one of these!

I love the futuristic design. Very well done!

Graet Job !!!