!Aleae iactae sunt!

Update of the image:

Hey guys,

I making this little project to improve my texture skills ect.
And hope i can tell a little story with it to.

Right now i have just modeled and textured the dice cup and some placeholder for dices and tableplate.
I wanna achive a really used look to the whole scene and hope you have some good tips how to get this done.
(For example the dicecup should be really blurried and worn out, on the desk should be some stamps of bottles ect. and rest of some alcoholic fluids ect. ect. )

Critics and tips about modeling lighting ect. are much appreciated!


Aleae iactae sunt!

Too late for suggestions, too early for corrections, you have your route traced, keep along, very important is dices are properly dirtied and aged.
The cup looks good.


Oh i guess i forgot to declinate/conjugate it right :wink: thx! My latin seems to be a little bit rusty … Yes all should be dirtied properly, that will be a hard task for me, let´s see what we´ll get.
I´m relatively confident with my cup, too. thx


Yeah, let’s see… I’m not a genius at texturing, so hopefully I could learn something from this work of yours.

Of course I’ll be ready to criticize… LoL

Here some dices: Dice Casino Collectibles

Have a good work!

Objects get dirty usually by ppl touching them, so where would you suspect the heaviest dirt to be? Around the divots and it would spread from those outward. Being least dirty around the corners of the cube, because those are constantly rubbed clean when you hold them.

That still might be a bit too dark, and it really does depend on how old/used/whatever you want the dice to appear. I’m not really sure how you add dirt layers with nodes. Multiply? I’d put this layer to multiply in blender render and have it affect the alpha and diffuse. I’d probably not have had a white background, but that would have made it very hard to see when I posted it here.

Thx Sourvios, i think you learn more with some challenging as with something that you are already able to do :wink:

BrentNewton… thx for your post, i totally agree with you about where the dirt has to be! I think i have to combine several Texture Layers with alpha masks over the dices. And then regulate the intense of each with maths nodes. In fact i don´t know right now how to handle this ^^ Is this what you made just some “dirt” with a grainy Airbrush on a white canvas ? I think i would do the same just with an alpha mask. But Maybe its easier to texture paint them dirty I´ll have to try it out.

Heres some Update … I´m not sure about the design of the dices, whether they`ll be some kind of medieval ones from bones or some Metal-Dices so i have still some placeholders … also not sure about the background Image.

What do you think about the composition right now ? :slight_smile:


If you want the table to be aged you should desaturate it a bit, along with adding spots and scratches.


I tried to desurate it :wink: Not 100% happy but it´s coming nearer (just for the table of course). Tried to add some spots on the cup, too. But i`ll overdo this for sure.

What do you think ?


P.s. it won´t update my WIP-Thread Picture ? Any tips about that ? :stuck_out_tongue:

This would be a good thread for the king of grunge… monk … too bad he is MIA right now.

I kind of think if you truly decide to go midieval, than you probably should with the cup as well… it would be interesting to see what was used back then for dice…

Of course the other alternative is to make it purple and slap a Harley Hotel & Casino logo on it :slight_smile:

Yeah that’s all my texture is. Just some grey cloud like brush over a white canvas and eraser on the edges and center. I am not yet in the habit of texture painting things, so I never think to do it that way, but it would be much easier to do in Blender now that I think of it.

Hey Guys,

Here´s an update with my “art-design” of the dices :wink: just blocked out some faces, but aren´t ready already ( I will bake some maps for texturing these in order to reduce my polycount)

@ Harleynut, I really regret that he´s not available right now. im sure he could give some great tips. BUt i try my best!
For the Cup i´m not sure … I think they didn´t look much different to the ones our days, especially when used by some nobles (my reference was handmade, too). As dice they normally used bones of animals i guess, or some kind of ebony.
Don´t laugh but i had the idea about Harley Casino as well :smiley:

@BrentNewton, I think you could use it for really much especially clone painting with textures sounds intresting to me! I´ll sure give that a try.


Update: Sculpted out my Dices (im really confident how they came out, what do you think ?), and baked a normal map of the high res to really low res dices but they still looking good i guess.
Now i have to Dirt them and choose an material.

Heres a comparison of modeled and mapped.

any thoughts what i could do better ?


I think the dice are looking great Topper, but which one is modeled, and which one is mapped

Now that you´r asking, i don´t know :wink: (right one`s modeled)

Tried to add a dirtMap … But don´t know how happy i am about it …

What do you think ?

So finally i added some metall, plated on the dices and remade the dirtmap. so heres what came out finally.

Now i have to make further environment and to overdo the material of my Dicecup … will be fun ^^

Critic´s welcome.


Seems like the dirtmap is working well, it gave the dice a nice variance. I still think you should experiment with a bone type material, just to see if you like it. A lighter material might make the details of the dice standout a bit more. Just a thought.

I do think the scene could use a little more light possibly

I agree the dirtmpas coming out quite nicely. I tried now to light up the main Materila as you mentioned, and it´s looking nicer I guess.

ABout the light: I´m searching for a suitable HDRI but i don´t think i find something (I want some renaissance Game/smoke-room one). If´i dont find anything like that i have to find a better way to light my scene up and have to model some kind of background scene as well :confused:

Here´s an update: Added some stuff around the dicecup and dice, but have not worked out yet.

What do you think about the scene? Any ideas ? The left one will be a paper with some Gamestats and the right one is an ashtray with a cigar. Hope you like it !


Hey Topper, really nice modelling and texturing.

But I think you’ll have to make a decision in which time this scene is situated. At the moment in my eyes you have a mix of scifi (the dies do look a little alien to me) a really contemporary ash tray while the coins look really old and aged like ancient history coins and the cup again is looking brand new and not old at all.

So it’s difficult for the viewer to know what’s going on here. That’s even more the case because you don’t give any hint or information with an environment outside the table.

Hey minoribus, thank you!

I thought about how i could show the time in which the scene is situated better and hope it´ll work (to show that i changed some objects in the scene as you can see). So the riddle is here: In what age is this scene settled ? :wink:

I hope this comes out better now!

I also did some texturing on the dicecup, it´s not perfect yet but comes out much more used i guess.
The dice could be used as exquisit elements in about any age, so i thought.

C+C´s welcome


Topper… I think this render is much better than the last… So now it appears to the viewer this is more of a ancient time period… if you end up keeping this style, I do think you need to consider making a change to the cup to something more like this as an example

I really like the change you made to the table and like the carvings in the wood. Background is better too. I don’t quite see the point of the white paper… If that’s a scorecard , consider aging it and maybe adding some writing instrument they used back then.

Just some thoughts for your consideration.