Alein, in the making

I made this in the last 30 mins. He is still in the early stages of creation (obviously). I have modeled a bunch of characters, but none that I really like (this guy is looking good). I’m a horrible rigger though, that will be the main challenge (along with the basic body design . . .)! Tell me what you THINK! :evilgrin:

Thanks :wink:




-Very nice start am looking forward to more updates-

-Can you explain how you did the gradient background? been wanting to use it in my work-


Ok to put a blended background go to you world settings (go to the materials tab (were you can edit color, and textures), and click on the small world like icon to bring you to a new panel). From here you can change the background color. Over by the preview panel there is a button called blend. Click it, and you primary color will blend into your secondary color, making the gradient. Good Luck, I’m not very good at giving directions.:eyebrowlift2:

On anther note, my character is a subsurfed model. I have been trying to use the sculpting features, but nothing happens. Do I have to apply my subsurf for the extra verts or is there another way.