Alembic file doesnt open

I made a cloth animation in CLO3D and exported as alembic but for some reason it doesnt let me import it to blender.


The you may have a look at the console ??

See also Docs-Blender Manual: Advanced → Command Line → Arguments…

How can i do so? im new to blender.

Commandline via console is an OS thing… i suppose windows ?? Then something like this:

Just go to the top bar, there is a button called Window, click that, and in the pulldown select Toggle System Console…

Try to open the Alembic file again…

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Ahh… using only linux so never know this :smile_cat:

You can also open up the Scripting Workspace and there is an interactive Python Console on the Left side…it can give a bit more detail on error messages…

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This i did know, but actually i wasn’t sure if there are any difference in both… and because i open my blender in a terminal anyway and i mainly look at that output. But is surely a hint to non-linux users.

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What kind of Alembic export options does Clo offer?