Alembic I/O.

What blender version are you using?
I remember I was able to sculpt on top of MeshCache and create Target ShapeKeys on Blender 2.6 and 2.7.

I haven’t tried it on the 2.8 generation.

Just tried it in 2.8 and it works.
You have to change a setting on the MeshCache modifier!

DEFORM MODE: from Overwrite to INTEGRATE

Hey I was telling in the first post that the mesh cache modifier works for mdd and pc2 cache, but I am using the mesh sequence cache, the one that supports alembic if I am not wrong, and doesnt have any deform mode.

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I am not really familiar with this area of the code base (shape keys), so I don’t know exactly how feasible it is. If it is not doable now, then in the future with proper streaming support it will most likely be possible to edit an Alembic cache (including shape keys), and also write the result back to the file (or another one).

Wait wh00t? we can now re-import .pc2 caches and also .vdbs??!! Say that again?

Also I think it´s interesting to comment that I have some errors also when I work with a mesh cache modifier. In this case I can load an obj with a mdd cache and seems correct , but when I change the deform mode to Integrate , part of the mesh around de hand dissappears!! Any idea??
I know when you import the obj you have to check the keep vertex order.

These are the screenshots:

The mesh cache modifier and its file types are off topic (and I don’t know about those anyway). If you think that there is a bug in the modifier, you can report it on the developer website, however I don’t think anyone is actively maintaining this area.