Alembic maya > blender scales

Hello friends,
I’m having problems with alembic scales.
between maya2019 and blender2.8 build 2019-04-07
simple Test
on maya default cube 1cm ,
when he exported the cube from maya to blender he recognizes it as 100cm

both are programs are in cm



Try to tweak “Unit Scale” option in blender or scale related settings when exporting/ importing until they match.

Changing “Unit Scale” did not help me.
However, when importing if you bring up the options (click the little gear icon in upper right), you have the ability to change the scale on import. This solved the 100x scale issue that I was having when importing files from Maya into Blender.

I should note that this still isn’t ideal (for me, at least). The transforms are stored on the object, rather than applied.

i.e. If I bring in an object that originally had Scale 1,1,1, and set the Manual Transform Scale to 0.01 in the import options, the scale values will be on the object as 0.01, 0.01, 0.01.

Ideally, these transforms would be applied to the object, setting everything to my chosen size, but showing scale values as they were prior to importing.

Or maybe I’m missing something.

Finally, I’ve tested the results using FBX import, and @Way 's suggestion of changing the Unit Scale does affect the scale of an imported FBX. Also scales are applied, meaning that an object having a scale of 1,1,1, will import at various sizes, depending on the Unit Scale set… yet all of these will contain the value of 1,1,1 on their object transforms.