Alembic Particles

Having trouble understanding why the particles properties seem to disappear on Alembic export. Any objects / groups / materials applied turn to spheres upon open in Octane Render Standalone.

I’m hoping someone may be able to explain this. Or if its just a export plugin in its infancy… :confused:


Esentially this…
Becomes this…

I know that there are some issues with particles with the latest versions of Octane. Did you try and export your scene as a orbx file? Alembic alone doesn’t transfer any kind of texturing or parameters. Is there a reason you need to export to standalone? I usually just render from with in Blender. I think that the spheres are used because that is the default object for particles in Octane standalone. But if you render from within Blender, the dupli objects should be used. I’m pretty sure that orbx should work as well. I just ran a particles test so I know that part works.

The current problem with particles is with motion blur. Also which version of the plugin are you using? It’s up to 11.18 as of the latest post from Jimstar.


Hi Jason,

Thank you for your detailed response. I guess I should have just rendered with the Octane Blender addon. I was only using standalone because I lack experience with the Blender plugin.

I have the latest build. I can’t seem to export ORBX files either. Set the path, and nothing exports?!


In the new version of the plugin the alembic and ORBX exports are accessed as export menu options now. Sounds like you are still on an older version of the plugin? ORBX is much better at transferring scenes to standalone. Not only will it automatically create an Alembic file if needed, all of your textures transfer over too. :slight_smile: