Alembic workflow, swapping different versions in scene?


How does one replace a existing Alembic file in a scene?
Say you have a animation imported into Blender with v1.
Now the animator has done some changes, and you want to replace v1 with v2.

In every 3D app out there this work without issues, but in Blender it doesn’t seem to work this way.
The new file disappears the moment you drag the timeline, even after refreshing the files in the property panel.
Even manually setting things up for a Alembic file with a modifier doesn’t work as expected.
It seems the Alembic is cached into the blend file or something simiilar, and replacing it is not possible?

Anyone can shed a light on this behavior, or am I looking at this completely the wrong way?
And it’s driving me a bit bonkers tbh… :wink: