Alembic xgen import: Yes, export: Nope

Hi everyone,

i hope this is the right category for this:
I’ve imported a xgen-alembic-file from Maya into Blender, which gives me two SplineGroups which i’ve joined into one.
Now i’m trying to export it again as an alembic file, but some how Blender is messing this up.

Blender even crashes when i’m trying to import this new generated alembic file and so does Maya.
I want to use it as a groom in Unreal and need it as a single SplineGroup to create UV_root inside Maya.
Maya is really bad at handling so many curves at once and XGEN to alembic automaticly creates a new SplineGroup for every 40k+ strands and parent them into one inside maya is not working well.
How can i export it as alembic without distortions?