Alex Hates Trees

Been working on this one on and off for way to long now.
I’m not sure how the colours look. My uncallabrated TN panel is starting to really annoy me. I need to get myself an IPS.

Anyone have any final critiques before I finally declare it finished (be harsh I can take it ;)).

looks great man. I can’t think of much to crit, but a couple of ideas: how about if one of his shoes fell off? or what about having a little bird in the top branch looking down at him? also, how about some little daisies or something mixed in with the grass? also, I just realized, the loose leaves would be more effective if they were not dispersed quite so high. having them so high up makes it feel like maybe they are birds in the sky. btw, that grass looks great.

I like it a lot! I like specially the grass, the models and all the textures! All in a very nice cartoony way.

The only issue for me is that i find the dog a bit “unfinished”, compared to the rest. It could have some textures as well, as there is so much detail on every model, and the dog is plain white…

I’m working on a little squirrel to put in the tree.

Yer I agree. I wasnt really sure what to do with the dog. I didnt want to do a full hair particle system on him so I might try to add some subtle fur textures.

Added the squirrel

I’ve only now enlarged the image. The jumper texture is really great! You could use a similar technique with bump mapping for the dog’s hair, without having to use particles.
Also only noticed now, I think the kid’s head has too much SSS. It’s too illuminated from the inside, isn’t it? Just a bit less…

The overall image looks great, and has a very distinctive style which is great.
One thing I would change is the branch that he is holding tapers of to abruptly it should be more gradual and should not be as thick at the end.

I absolutely love the amount of detail that went into the boy and the tree. The hair system is especially well done imo.

I’ll echo the comment about a shoe falling off as it would add a little interest.

Actually I think the image itself has too much blank space. Maybe change the camera’s perspective a bit. Like down on the ground near the dog looking up at the kid, or up in the tree near the squirrel looking down on the kid. That might make a more dramatic composition, and give it some (perhaps exaggerated) perspective, as well as more interest.

Overall you’ve done a really good job though, kudos.