Alex VS Nate 2 - Lightsaber Choreography Contest XI Entry

Hey guys, I worked on this short fight scene (mainly 3 shots, 2 of which took me all summer to get dialed in) and I used Blender to get it all done. Check it out.

I worked on the opening shot, which took quite a while to get dialed in, as well as the other internal saber shot later in the fight. My other shot was the shot where the light is yanked off the ceiling, which I did at the eleventh hour using After Effects. Let me know what you think!


Looks quite awesome, although I wonder why you didn’t put in just a tiny bit more time/effort, too make it look completely professional. (There are just some shots, which take away from the clean flow:().
Was the live action with props or did the actors have to imagine?

Much better work than the actual Star Wars movie!

I actually didn’t have any involvement in filming this short…I just know the guys who did and I volunteered my efforts on a few shots. So any criticism of the cinematography is a bit outside my responsibility. (translation: it’s not my fault! :P) I’m also not sure I understand your question…are you asking about the saber glows themselves? I know they used actual glowing saber props for a few closeups if that’s what you’re asking.

This is very well done. Nice job.

Steve S

Thanks for the kind words!

Congrats on your winning the third! Considering that it’s basically a choreography–not a VFX or a scenario–contest, I guess your team succeeded to impress the judges the most with the VFX side of your short film. :slight_smile:

Competition result:

I really enjoyed. Very dynamic. Love it…