made in blender 2.6 …hope you like it


It’s pretty good. I would refine the right lower eyelash since it seems kind of awkward. Add some texture of bump to the skin if you can, it looks too even and uniform right now, which makes it look unrealistic. Also, bump/textures for the hat and clothing too. Everything seems too smooth and uniform right now. But, I got it right away and it’s a good resemblence.

OMG! Somebody decided to do our 'ol drug Alex! His right eyelash should be that way :wink:

Needs bump on the materials and better light setup.

GOOD! Me likes!

Actually, I was referring to the fact that as adesypersefone has it currently, the lashes are too wide, and the sides are curved when they should be more straight, see here:

The curvature you’re seeing in the photo is because the lash bends downward, but in fact each lash is pretty much still a straight edged triangular shape mostly. I would refine the existing lashes to match that reference photo more, because it looks pretty far off right now and I think it hurts the image because the current construction looks very crude and hastily constructed.

like qutorial said: the eyes look a bit weird and they should directly face the viewer. however, gerat result!