Hi! Today I’m coming to you with the set of images for the project Alexanderpark, designed by Lindner Planungsbüro.

Revitalisation project of park and museum is located in the central part of Berlin. It was a big pleasure to work on this project, because it’s touching one of my biggest love - landscape architecture, from where I’m coming from. Combination of the great organic architecture with the organized, natural environment is a graceful topic to be shown.

To create this image, I was inspired by works of George Lambert - one of the greatest landscape painter and a pioneer of British landscape art. And of course, by a lot of pinterest.

Technical information:
PC specs: 3950X, 96GB ram, RTX3090
Blender 3.3/Cycles, ACES Color Space, 6K resolution GPU rendered, 2K-3K samples per image with scrambling distance option enabled.
Postproduction: Photoshop
Lighting: night - 3DCollective_HDRi_113_2219, day - 3DCollective_HDRi_095_1608
Addons/Other software: Connecter, Photographer, Scatter 5.3, Graswald Library vol.I, Archipack PRO, Quick Instances

Feel free to comments and questions!


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:


Wow! These look great!
I visited Berlin in August last year, and I also have been wandering in this area. Looks like a great addition to an already very green city :slight_smile:
Loved my visit, and will be returning this year for sure! So much to see there!

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Thanks for demonstrating how powerful blender can be for archviz :slight_smile:

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