Alfa romeo 159 (indigo version)

This just in …
Rendered using indigo

earlier …
Hey guys,

working on too many projects at a time :slight_smile: so decided to finish this one, more renders may follow but I can call this [done]

thanks for the comments in the wip !
here it is

* new version *
rendered in yafray

an even earlier one

rendered in blender and yafray
c&c welcome

c ya

Looks pretty sweet! Lovely paintjob!

The JPEG quality is pretty awfull though…it’d be a lot nicer if the render was a bit lighter, a better background (perhaps a more subtle fade from dark to light) and especially, brought to us in like 90% - 95% jpg quality.

The model is really good though and the render looks very sweet! I’d like to see the background and perhaps a wire to see how you’ve built this one.

Great work. ****

hey Roger, thank you for the comments,
The material was tried and tested a lot :D, finally it turned out okay, i guess
I know the setup is poor, I certainly, have to make a better one
the image was a bit deteriorated while uploading, I will post some good quality images later :stuck_out_tongue:
here is a wireframe:

c&c welcome
c ya

Nice work. I love the Alfa and your work!

Only remark: this Alfa is called “159” (replaces the “156”) and not “189”. Or was this a little joke or something? :confused:


hey there gallardo !
thanks for those kind remarks. btw what happend to your Audi ?, it was looking good

…and extremely sorry about the name, it is Alfa 159 thanks for reminding me that :smiley: cheers

c ya

Right now I’m pretty busy (with my studies) and I don’t have a lot of time to work in Blender. But I’ll do my best to finish the Audi once!

Btw: I hope you’ll make other renders of the Alfa, because this one isn’t really perfect (eventhough the car is modelled great!).


Awesome! I’m currently working on a car also. Hopefully, it’ll turn out as good as yours.

You have an incredible model but I feel the render doesnt do it justice. You could make it even better if you made a highter/brighter render. Even if its a studio render with no background but in a better quality/angle

Otherwise…one word


no updates yet, but will be starting work on renders soon,
yes …I absolutely gotta have a better render :cool:

Gallardo: cheers mate !

frodo2975: best of luck with your car man

Edeehem: thanks! and absolutely agreed …

cheers one n all

Very cool!

What year is your car modeled on?

real cool model. turning on some stronger AO would enhance the realism i think, maybe not, try it out. try some area lights for softer shadows. right now the front of the car looks a little flat to me, there seems to be a shadow missing over the front wheel but that could just be your light setup.


thanks, if you are talking about the year I modelled, its this year… ?/

thanks ! and yes AO was one of the problems, currently still trying to better the lights.

c&c welcome

new version looks a lot better! really cool. only thing would be to up the Yafray settings, theres some GI ‘patching’ or lumpiness in the shadows.

One more …
(see the first post)

thanks again StompinTom,
I also notice some lumps in shadows, but the GI is set to high and the shadow samples are pretty high too, but still something can be done, I must see


Sorry to be confusing I mean the year the ‘actual’ car is made (I’m only familiar with older ar’s) :slight_smile:

trying to do justice to the model, I ended up using indigo :smiley: which was very impressive

it rendered for about 3-3.5 hrs
to see update plz look at the first post

@ atm-matt thanks again, I think it was 2005 when this model came out, and I am a fan of the oldies :slight_smile: too

material and render settinges ?

The picture looks like an advert of Alfa. It’s gettin’ better and better!:slight_smile:

Another (small) remark: I don’t like the rims; they aren’t original Alfa-rims, are they?

I guess it would look awesome if you would try to recreate the 159 as in this picture!



You Should model for Gran Turismo 5!

thanks for the reply guys !

Its a basic phong material with low specular, thanks for the comment.

Hey thanks mate, that is a good reference… I might tweak out a few things now :D.
But, I purposely modeled the rims differently and also gave them a coppery look… :slight_smile:

Thanks for that man !