Alfa Romeo 8c Competizione

UPDATE. My HDD broke and I started everything from scratch. Hope it turns to be better!

New model under the way! 8c isn’t the fastest or most valued super car, but it certainly is one of the prettiest. I would say it’s perfect car to model!

I started with the tires and rims. The tires are Pirelli PZero as in the real car and should resemble the real world counterparts.


Those are sweeeeeet!!!

Great work on those rims! And the tire material looks really good as well. The only thing that dosnt look right to me, is the height of the tires. 215/40 on 17" rims should have more rubber on the height I think.

Yeah, the height is right (ok, maybe a bit too narrow) but the markings on the sidewall wrong. Alfa 8c uses 285/35 18" tires, so I must change the markings on the sidewall.

Proportions should be more balanced in this one. Also It got a new tire sidewall texture! Better?


prey good. the tred feels very sharp and the bump feels very strong but besides this it looks really good.

Thanks! I toned the sidewall’s bump map a bit down and did some brake caliber modeling. Black alloy is some test I made.


Here’s some more artsy stuff!

Really nice piece of modelling. Great materials. I recommend you to put smooth to the tire with Edge split modifier;)


nice tire an rims! If that whole car will look this way i´ll take my hat off to you !

Looks really good now, great work :slight_smile:

looks really good, and also a car I can get genuinely excited by too :slight_smile:

Thanks guys! Little update. Brake calibers are finished and I started to model the cars body. I would say that practice is paying off and the topology is starting to look good!

rendered in?

Rendered in Cycles.

What is the tyre shader

Looking KILLER! Love #8, very cool render :yes:

This is looking so good

Amazing Topology. Any tips for learning this ? :wink: