Alfa Romeo Brera - Pixar's Cars Style [EDIT: asked: your opinion!]

EDIT: added clay render

I don’t really know whether I can say this is a finished project but I’m pretty happy with the result and I like to share it with you guys. It’s an Alfa Romeo Brera (I think Alfa Romeo isn’t that famous in America but anyone should know this car :yes: ) in pixar’s style and I will use it in my first big project: a little animation film. The movie will be a kind of a tribute to Pixar (and Cars). More about this later!
The car is supposed to be female… I don’t know whether this is clear enough. :frowning:

I hope you like it,

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I know you like to make it in the pixar style, but personally think it would look better without the pixar look. But thats just my opinion.
Very nice model though and very good choice of car. I tried doing a car tutorial once and decided I needed more modeling experience. I think cars are hard to do.
But if you like the pixar style it definitely looks like a pixar Cars car. Nice job. I don’t think it quite looks female though, maybe some eyelashes. But I haven’t seen the movie yet so I don’t know if they have eyelashes.

Thanks for the comment Chinley.

  1. I really want to do it in Pixar style so I don’t think I’m gonna change this.
  2. You’re right about the fact that she doesn’t look female enough. I think I’m gonna edit the eyelashes and the mouth.

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Ok, if you want it to look Pixar like, I think the only thing left to do is distort the car a bit, give it more of a fun shape, cause at the moment, it looks like a really realistic car, with these funny eyes.


Thanks for the comment Cuby. Actually I already distorted the car (see attachment) but I didn’t want to mess it up. I probably have to change the proportions even more so that it looks more comic and female, which isn’t that easy … :frowning:



hair maybe…:stuck_out_tongue:

nice model, but not pixar enough. I would’ve given u 5 stars if you rendered it in a nice scene without the eyes.

ANYWAYS! don’t give up, keep up the good work…

Great work, as always. I agree on the fact that the car doesn’t really have a female expression. Eyelashes are indeed very useful…maybe you could model the lips a bit different as well, they seem to small. Of course, one might not notice considering the colour.
Just suggestions. Otherwise, no comment whatsoever.

I liked this model better than the fiat, but again the lighting and materials dont do justice to your work
what renderer are you using ?
if using internal render you can

  • try the ambient occlusion for this
  • use area lights for softer shadows


Slap a lattice deformer over it. Then you can make it really expressive like a pixar car.

I loved the movie cars, but lack the skills to come up with anything close to it. So I respect your very well done attempt! It’s not a pixar yet, but it’s on it’s way! (think, lighting)

3.5 stars from me

Thanks to all for the critique!!!


  1. Indeed, the materials can be better (the chrome isn’t good) I should play a bit with them but I guess they will reflect nicer if there 's a scene around it.
  2. Yes, I’m using Internal Render but I don’t think I will use AO for the animation because the render time will be sooo long then.
  3. I definitely should improve the lighting but I didn’t spent a lot of attention on it yet because I still need to make the whole scene. And I still have to learn a lot about lighting.

Didn’t knew what a lattice was. Now I know and I guess it will be helpful during animating! Thanks for the hint! :stuck_out_tongue:

A question to finish: is it possible to make a texture follow an empty? The eyes are textures and it would be great if I could move them by moving an empty. (hope this is clear)

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ps: Maybe I’d better posted this in Focused Critique (or WIP). :confused: I just didn’t knew you guys would give such great tips and helpful critique! (impressed again)

Looks like good modeling to me, although its hard to tell that its a she. I’m not sure how to make her more feminine, maybe the eyelashes would help.

To make the texture follow an empty, simply go to the texture panel in the materials window (its on the far right), select the tab that says “map imput”, and select the “object” button. Then, you simply type in the name of your empty, and the texture will follow it.

@frodo2975: Right now I’m experimenting with it. Thanks for the help!

Another suggestion for moving the eyes - Bit more off the wall though-

Model the windshield so it has a couple of square faces where the eyes should be, then UV map these squares to your eye image, then you can use shape keys to move them independently.

Follow empty for a texture will only move both eyes simultaneously. If you can move them seperately, you have more options for expression. (Although there is a way you can have two textures and two empties, but that’s a bit more complex!)

another great one! you should do a Corvette, or if you want, a 96 black chevy blazer (thats my car ;)). if you do do it, check my site for pics

@JESUSFRK14: Thanks for the comment! Maybe I’m gonna make an american car for my animation too but then it will probably be an old car: a huge cadillac or something.

what about a mustang? my mom likes the '65, and of course, i like the 95 and thats still new

check this oldie;;k-thunderbird;;nhs-;;status-Sold;;sb-

and this not so old

hope u like it

their nice! I also have some nice ones it took:

I think it has to be said, Alfas have too much of their own style to be pixarated. The heart badge, for example, makes it pretty much impossible - unless you want to use the grille as a moustache like Doc Hudson or the Sheriff, but a. it’d be a really weird mo’, and b. so not female.