Alfa Romeo Brera

Next project…
render in yafray

I like it - the quality of modelling is very good!

Looks nice and clean :yes:

realy good looking modeling keep up

Looks good. Keep updating
Alfa Romeos are good looking anyway
Are you going to model the interior?

new parts

Thats amazing! Every time I see untextured model - it gives me chills. :slight_smile:
Great work.

I’m testing materials

thats a beautimous tire/wheel!

thats awesome… better than my r8 deffo… whay sort of poly count we looking at here?

how did you get the logo on the side of the tires?
I would say some edges at the rear don’t match up perfectly
Why aren’t you giving any answers???

There is a 37479 vetices . The logo on the side of the tires is a bump mam (from this forum)

Sorry for not giving answer but I was too busy

I spend this afternoon on testing materials, model isn’t complete yet

Very well done modelling, that’s at good clean number of vertices!

simply scene

That vine script is a lot of fun, huh?

You have one of the better car models out here.
You are great with materials, modelling and rendering .all of them.
i will have a few questions to ask about your modelling techniques.
If you don’t have a problem.

Let’s talk about, if you want;)

I usually set vertices manually and they often end up being zigzag
How do you maintain such clean smooth meshes?
Would be great is you tell about the car mat
Is it yafray or Yaf(a)ray?
I didn’t know there was a vine script?

To make a vine I used an Ivy generator, it’s a great fun.:stuck_out_tongue:
I’m using oficial yafray version (0.1) blender 32 bit for rendering and 64 bit for modeling ( x64 is faster for me)
Materials hmmmmm… it cost a lot of nerve- I spend 1 day on testing materials for a car.

I usually set vertices manually and they often end up being zigzag
I usually create wire from bazier curve and I convert it to a mesh (with small no of verticles), it’s more secure than one by one verteces move ( no zigzag effect)

here’s a render ( fast but export is longer, much more)