Alfa Romeo Brera

final render , I did this for portfolio

Umm… wow! Just wow! Nothing but pure, unadulterated wow!

How about some tech info on the render/mesh/materials? There are a lot of people (well, me at least) who would love to learn some of the details.


Amazing work!
Great modelling, 5 stars!

Great shader kellyq :slight_smile:

Internal render or other ???

new yafray- it’s great

thanks all

I’m interested about the camera settings… it seems a bit distorted (in a good, dynamic way). :smiley:

Very nice indeed, great shader.

great renders, really good stuff.

You have got antialliasing problems in areas with fast changes in contrast, the only options are enabling ‘clamp RGB’ or rendering a higher resolution and scaling back with good interpolation. It is a known issue in raytracing. I wonder if some composition trick could solve this problem without losing the range. Also be sure you use mitchell AA filter and lot of samples in those great renders.

Anyway really nice renders, your lighting setup makes a lot of sense, and the shaders are great. Congrats

Class render. The thing that jumps out at me though is the door line below the window dosent appear to flow through to the door pilar. The reflection at that point seems to abrupt.

on the second picture there is an architectural camera