@FinalBarrage @islara1 So nice to hear! Because I didn’t want the chains to look 3D ^.^ but I knew I couldn’t easily paint it :sweat_smile:

@Piotr_Adamowicz Ahaha she is a tall girl after all :smirk: Thanks!

@gtomorrow Thank you! :white_heart:

@dbacha This is good! Blender is really fun and interesting. I’m glad you joined us ^v ^ And thank you, your feedback is a great inspiration too!


Beautiful, as always. Your usual 3D work has a lovely illustrative quality even without a paint over. However, the paint over looks pretty solid too. It’s a convincing fantasy painting without the usual tells postworked renders have. The style would work well for book or graphic novel covers, RPG illustrations, or any situation where a painterly style might be preferred over a 3D one.

Painting over other people’s artwork would be cheating, but this is all your own original work. There’s nothing wrong with postwork, which is basically what this is. There are exceptions of course, but you aren’t submitting this to a contest specifically for digital painting (or renders without postwork) or putting it in a portfolio as a representation of your skills as a digital painter.

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:white_heart:v :white_heart: Thank you so much! It means a lot!