Alian Model

Hi there Blender user’s To the dudes that saw the snapshot of my game in this other thread I am happy to say that It is comming along great : :wink:

But This new thread that I made here Is bout this :

I have made this alian model for fun and I need to peoples opinions of it not to mention that this is the very first time I have model a alian face.
The link to the image


1 ) I was just wondering I downlaoded this online demo game made on blender not sure wich 1 tho but besides all that is that that exe example has folders in my c: drive program files with textures pythons ect… and the exe Is in my startmenu but what relly got me is that how or what pythons do u need to make blender game engine able to laod textures and your own models by import them and then exporting them when they are not in use ?

2 ) And a harder question is that any1 out there know how to make a server on blender or any sites or pythons ?

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U know when u render u can set the render to OSA and that makes all the lines very smooth and straight I was wondering if there is any python or way to make it possible to do the same in the game engine ? make all the lines smooth and not look and riggeded ?

Thanks for reading to the people that can help out extra thanks
Any 1 that would like the alian model feel free to ask and I will uplaod it for people to downlaod it :smiley:

First of all, a little spelling and grammar. Using abbreviations such as ‘u’ makes your post harder to read, and ‘alian’ is actually spelled ‘alien’.

Now, your questions…

  1. Python is a programming language that is part of Blender. It can be used to do difficult tasks more easily, or to make effects that would not exist otherwise. Python scripts can do pretty much anything from making an entire human body to sub surface scattering in renders.
    You don’t need Python for the game engine, and you make the model in Blender, using standard Blender models. You can import models from another program if you want. As for textures, you have to UVmap textures for them to work in the game engine.
  2. Blender is not a program for running servers. If you wanted to, I believe it might be possible to write server code in Python (why, I do not know). Pythons are snakes, btw :).
  3. You are refering to antialiasing. I do not know whether or not antialiasing is possible in the Blender game engine. (Also, you are the second user I have seen to use the word ‘riggeded’, where did you get that word from?)

Now, criticism on your model. Without a wireframe view, it is hard to tell, but it appears that you have far to many polygons, and probably triangles as well. I would suggest researching edgeloops and topology, but please post a wire.
Anyway, I hope that helps!


omg…i totally cannot understand what you just said !

Considering my head hurts after finishing the first paragraph, I will just crit the model.

It can defintily use a lof of work. First, delete the eyes and make them a seperate mesh. They look very akward as they are now. Next, set the black area in his mouth to “Shadless”. This will get rid of that specularity. Lastly, work with the texturing. If you haven’t started on the texturing yet, leave it with no textuing until you do. This alows users to see the mesh more clearly for critiqing, and wireframes show us your topology, another key area in character development.

If you can reword your original post, it will greatly help the rest of us understand what you are talking about. If you don’t natively speak English, post in your native language so we can use a translator to better translate to English. Thanks.

I must say my head hurts now too…GOD I NEED AN ASPRIN!!!

The model is far from being anything you will be able to fix. I would do what my fellow blenderheads said “Study, Study, Study” When your done studying try again.

I use words like tho, and tha sometimes but kid…you need spell check, bad.