alias problem


I have modelised a logo. All is ok when rendering it. The resolution is 1000*700.

Now I want to render to High resolution, I select HD, and I also increased Camera Lens from 35 to 47, to get my LOGO bigger. When rendering it, it is dirty, my logo is fully aliased :frowning:

I set OSA to 16, but it doesn’t solve the issue…

Any help?

Thanks in advance


Hi PAscal: could you post the images up so we could see? Also what are you file export settings?



Here I attached logo.jpg

But strange thing : the rendered jpg image is less aliased as the when I render it under blender.

I also attached the .blend file



logo.blend (323 KB)

That’s not aliasing you’re seeing – you’re trying to render the image at a resolution that’s higher than your current screen resolution. Blender is trying to scale the image down, to show you the whole thing at once. The problem is that the way Blender scales images in the render window, it looks really awful, and distorts the image, as you’ve seen. This doesn’t affect the quality of the final render, it just looks a little wonky until you zoom in, or save the image and view it somewhere else.

That’s indeed the reason, I didn’t pay attention.