alias wavefront (.obj) exporter Blender

Does this blender alias wavefront (.obj) exporter script export texture details, if not what can i use that does. I have an terrain with some different texture on it, but the texture does not seem to be exported into the .obj file. Any Ideas?

it should do.

Try having the texture in the same directory as the .blend file?

That doesnt work either :frowning: please any help

The obj exporter is not working well.

Was there a previous version that preserved .obj groups? ("g " statements)?

The import/export script that comes with Blender Foundation 2.48 and 2.48a, as far as I’ve tested, gives you two choices:

  • import groups to Blender objects (which, normally, you don’t want) and then the option to preserve vertex order automatically toggles off, or,
  • all trace of "g " statements in the input .obj file are lost.

If some guru (Ideasman? You there?) could fix that, I suggest we institute a monetary reward!

It would be ideal to present .obj "g " as Blender vertex groups, on import as well as export. As things stand now, if you’ve checked Preserve Vertex Order, and then define a vertex group, your vertex order is instantly messed up. Is there even in principle a Python solution to that, or would one have to delve deep into the Blender code?