aliased rendering

I’m a Blender newbie and I’d like some help from experienced users.
I render my 3d work at the resolution resulting from the “FULL” button in the render panel (1280 x …). I set oversample at a value of 16, but the result appears very aliased. Should I consider this behiavour normal?
My graphic card is a Nvidia Geforce FX 2600 XT - 256 mb, and my o.s. is Windows XP professional sp1. Does the graphic card can influence the render quality? Have anyone experienced troubles with this configuration?
I would be grateful to everyone that can help me.
Sorry for my english.


You merely changed the OSA radiobuttons from ‘8’ (default) to ‘16’
or have you also pressed the OSA button itself? That is required to turn on AA at all :slight_smile:

Then, your monitor resolution is what?

Because if it is 1280xwhatever or less Blender will show the rendering resized down, and badly aliased… while saved rendering will be fine


Stefano, thanks for your help.
The OSA button is pressed, and the oversample level is set to 16.
The resolution of my monitor is 1280 x 1024, but i think some resize obviously occurs (windows borders etc.). But i will try to visualize the render, as you suggest, not resized, using the saved render image and viewing it 1:1. I’ll try in this way, but the jagged edges seems to derive not from resizing troubles but from rendering “calculation” activity.
Thanks a lot.

If you’re using raytracing, there’s your problem.

The jagged edges were due to the resize of the image to make it match the screen size, as Stefano told me.
I tried to save the rendering as image and watched it in a 1:1 scale and everything is good!
Thanks a lot to everyone helped me in solving this problem.