Alibre Design then blender Crashes PC crashes HARD..!

I use blender at work because alibre designe free limited doesn’t have a renderer at least not one I know how to use and defiantly not as cool as the one in blender…

anyway every time (as in NOT SOMETIMES BUT EVERY SINGLE TIME) i go out of Alibre Designe and then start up Blender, MY PC not only locks up blender but the entire screen goes black the computer locks up so hard that the last sound to play starts repeting through the speakers DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. MY PC is LOCKED UP HARD EVERY TIME. i have to hold the POWER BUTTON down to get a restart. CTRL+ALT+DEL does nothing…the PC is hard locked up

why does this happen?
what can be done to fix this?

I have to use them both because Alibre Design (free ) makes my CAD OR SOLID models and blender is my renderer/animator/awesomeness.

Is there a blender CAD? if so i would so like to use it instead as long as it was making good CAD files and models…