Alice at home

hi blenderheads

i want to show you my latest picture, it’s a little bit influenced by sifi-comics.
the girl is based on a makehuman mesh.
hope you like it:)

Veery niice, good lights, what renderer it is?
Only think, I don’t like is that bed, it is strange and not very natural.

it’s the internal renderer and one arealight and, of course, AO
(there is a small spot in the black lamp to lighten the back of the girl a little bit)

It looks very realistic because there are many little details… It must have been a lot of work

I just wonder how you created the sky because it looks a little bit as if it was painted onto the windows :smiley: IMHO it should become lighter on the left because the “sun” seems to be there, that’s my only crit

very well done!

Wow! Great textures!

My only crit is the blocky hanging lights.

I love the detail, about the lights I don’t see what’s wrong with them, it kind of goes with the style of a gritty old style sci-fi type of scene.

How many polygons did it take to do this.

My only thot: the light coming in the window (shown to be at a high angle according to the beams cast on the far wall) doesn’t match the sunset sky. It’d be a challenge, but if you change this to match, I’d turn on some of the interior lights to offset the silouette effect…

Wow! What a complex scene. And I feel it has a message… kinda strange ambiance. How would it change if she was sleeping back towards the window?

Realism crit:
The stairs looks very lifelike! And the back wall. But the newspaper has dark edges? And the sky looks a little bit like a cheap postcard shot. Maybe that could be darker on towards the right (as dusk horizon).

awesome! great texturing, nice lighting. the sky looks fake though. and i agree, the bed seems out of place.
looks very good.