Alien, again..

An alien, again, this time i tried to give it more detail, Blender 2.42, Zbrush & Photoshop

wow, looks good, don’t now what to write…

well… your was much betther than mine!

there is something odd about the scar above the nose. Maybe it’s because it looks rather washed out in comparison to the very finely detailed lip area. It’s a great model anyway!

nice! only the lips dont look right to me. 4 stars

Holy Crap !!! I think you should elaberate on the scene and this should be added to the gallery… BEST ALIEN IN BLENDER EVER

Hey… that’s a really good one .))) Maybe a few more shots from another angles of view???

Thanks for the comments, M@tchue, i dont think ill work on the scene for this one, its pretty heavy as it is and takes quite a while just to load the textures, 2048x2048 maps, for spec, disp, nor and col, <b>shirokoff</b> as soon as i have some time ill render a different angle or some screencaps, Yoeri, what is it about the lips you dislike?, Jobbe, the scar is one of the problems i had while passing it form Zbrush to Blender, actually that whole area has a lot more detail that the render shows, dont know exactly why but Blender seems to wash out that hole part including the "forehead", <b>xilemina</b>, thankyou, <b>nokirar</b>, thanks i would like to see yours, maybe a link to it?
I almost forgot, some fixes in the disp and nor, just to make the forehead details a little more visible and some other corrections.

You should do a Texturing Tutorial or just an explaination to this image I looked at your post and this is by far my favorite im amazed by the texturing of course but How did you get the eyes to look like that ?

I would never want to kiss that thing:D
nice job!


Nice, nice.

Did you do UV coords in Blender and then export the alpha from Zbrush, or is that done with the AUV tiles option?


Hi, could you please post your settings of exporting and than applying disp map?

When I try to apply Zbrush generated disp map (even at highest resolution and quality) on model in Blender, I always get weired artifacts, level curve like deformation and ugly deformation with lack of detail. I tried different image formats, Blender unwrap, AVU tiles but its always the same.

Thanks in advance.

Uh, and i totally forgot, cool model and texturing.

Wow definitely a cool design!
Reminiscent of a Kamino-alien from star wars ep 2.
Maybe like a rogue one.

Can you post some shots from the side or a turntable or something

Wow, first time i get some stars:D, M@tchue, for the eyes i use the old trick of apying a radial blend as emit, and a clouds texture to get that look, and to get that really dark shadows i used an area lamp with only shadows and umbra, Jassar, thanks, BgDM, i did the uvs in blender, the AUV altough its fast limits you to the texturing in Zbrush, and since i like to add alot of layers to my textures that wasnt an option, Duffator, there are a few thing to remember when working with Zbrush to Blender, Blender does not support microdisplacement or 16 bit textures, so you have to convert the generated disp to 8 bit, easylly done in Photoshop, also the exported disp is flipped in Y, so you also have to flip it, either directly in Zbrush before exporting it or in photoshop after, also i have found that its better to export the mesh in a higher subdivision than the one you initially import to Zbrush, for example, this one i exported it from Zbrush at a level 3 subdivision, then just generated the disp at that resolution, if all of that fails you, you can use the zmapper scrit and generate a normals map wich usually is most accurate than the displacement but has its drawbacks, one last thing, when you apply the disp texture be sure to have the disp button pressed and the nor value set to 0, <b>ShaBuBu</b>, thanks, ill post some screenshots as soon as i can.