Alien Amazon Warrior

Hi everyone!
I am working on my first scuplting-retopologing-texturing characters. She is an epic alien warrior doing a Haka. Here is my WIP. I have some trouble with the scuplting of the eyes. If someone has tips to help, it would be appreciated.

Any constructive comment is also appreciated. I hope you will like to follow the developpement of this one!

PS: be aware that the model is nude.

Here is some screenshot of the sculpting :


Here is the second sculpting after the retopo :

Here is after the posing :

Looks pretty awesome so far!

As far as eyes go, and I’m no expert, I find it easier to vertex model them after retopo - that way I can bring the eyelids out and give them some thickness, snapping them to the surface of the eyeball.

Deformation-wise, depends if you are doing an animation or not. If not, then apply the pose and go in and tidy up the sculpt.

For the deformation, I tried to sculpt it in the pose but the mesh return to the original pose when I enter sculpt mode. Is there a way to keep the mesh in place even in sculpt mode?

EDIT : I found out the solution : I needed to put the armature modifier before the multires modifier. The deformation problem is solved!

Ah yeah - modifier stack order is one of the things I always forget!

To answer your question though, if you are happy with the pose and sculpt you can just go to ‘Object’ (or Alt C) and ‘convert to mesh’.
Alternatively you can view the sculpt in its posed position through the armature modifier tab and select the two options on the right:

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Texturing is in process!

Here is what is in progress :

Trying to figure out what to put behind the character… Any idea?

Verry nice. I’m new to Blender.

Thanks, I made it a while ago!
If you are new to Blender take a look at CGBoost, Blender Guru, Curtis Holt and CG Cookie. They all make great tutorials on youtube!