Alien and Wine glass

hi all!
This is a still from a short I worked one year ago as director of photography and vfx.

The character was made in blender and rendered with cycles, using an Hdr probe for the reflections and overall light, also i used one of the very early sss fake shaders posted around one year ago.

the deadline for the entire project was 3 weeks.

thanks for have a look to my work.

And here you can find the full short

Great work! looks fantastic…

Looks just like Paul. (the movie) lol
Pretty awesome stuff though. :smiley:

Excellent ! Looks like Paul but in everyone’s mind that’s more or less how we imagine Aliens.

thanks for the comments! i appreciate that.
yeah i know that it looks like paul. At the production stage the producers of the video and me decided paul was the way to go for a nice and “good vibes” alien. So not trying to fool anyone :slight_smile:

Great render, great alien :slight_smile: would be nice to see the short

Thanks :slight_smile: i will post it when i have a little time.

That looks amazing, especially for such a short work time. The skin texture is very well done, I love the striations/wrinkles in the shoulder/neck area.

good job!

This, it’s an amazing work and made me laugh because Paul was a very good movie.
Very well done my friend!

thanks for the kind comments
I have updated the first post with the link to the Short. :smiley: