alien baby (wip)

Hadn’t done any organic modelling in a while, so with all these aliens around lately I just had to make one. Just a head, no textures.

  1. pofo

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That looks cool :o

Awesome modelling. Waiting for the textured version


Nice teeth (no disrespects teeth!). Looks like a fish teehee! You’d better hurry up with a textured version though. Model tend to look naked without them…

oooooohh man thats sacray as s**t…lol, very cool! gave me the chills…scary babies give me the creeps!

reminds me of an old star trek monster.
nice modelling!!
now texture it dammit:)


I think the mount seems to jut forward a bit, making it ugly. If you wanted to make it look like a sinister babe, maybe move the mouth back, and have jutting cheek bones, whatever.
Nice modeling! SubSurfs?

Nice baby :wink:


Thanks for your comments.
I will texture it … someday, it’s the modelling part that is the most fun.

The mouth is meant to be a sucking thing rather than biting, the little teeth all round are so the prey wont slip out again.
Perhaps I should make it rounder?

Anyway, I’ve had my fill of organic models so I’ll get on with my mech now.

  1. pofo