Alien based on Alltaken's concept (DL the blend file!)

UPDATE: Well, since this was inspired by Alltaken’s concept and people liked some of the materials I made for this I figured I’d post the blend file in case anyone wants to take it further or whatever :wink:

If you do manage to anything with the model (maybe finish the body, add an environment, or tweak the materials) consider posting the results in this thread. If posting elsewhere just be sure to indicate who originally created this rendition and whose concept it was based on :wink:

That said, click here to download the blend file!

Original post:

This was based on Alltaken’s sketch.

This took about 5 hours to complete. All procedural textures. Seems I spent more time texturing than anything else :slight_smile: Blender 2.34 (optimized version).

Here was the WIP image.

Thanks to Alltaken for the cool character design :slight_smile:


Nice render Robertt.
Your texturing is awesome and the model is very faithful to Alltaken’s concept. I love the chrome helmet in particular.
Nice piece.

wow really nice robert :smiley:

Well, not one of your best modelled characters for sure. But based on the time frame you stated, I can understand that. The sharply pointed nose part on the mask really looks off. It should be blended more to the mask. Also, if you look at Alltaken’s sketch, you can see some nice bevelled edges on the mask. This would have improved the look a lot.

Materials all seem to be a little too glossy/reflective for my taste. But that is personal preference. :slight_smile:

Take a gander a few posts below this one for my take on this character.


I love th chrome because it seem organics. Good work

Great work like always, very organic :slight_smile:

the texturing is awesome !!!

who do i have to kill to get it? %|

haben haben haben !!!

cmon ppl what happened to using normals to get a bumpy texture :<

Not bad. Nice job on the texturing.

robertt, i hate you for being so good!

Bloody well done!

Radishimo: I appreciate the very kind words :slight_smile:

Grimreaper: Thanks :smiley:

BgDM: Yes, you are right about the nose :slight_smile: I went with a “single nostril” / slim nose design for this when I got to that area and didn’t dwell too long on it due to time constraints (I’m moving). I just saw your version and it looks great! It would be nice to see more people attempt this model. Very challenging!

frozsyn: Thanks!

Kansas_15: I appreciate that :slight_smile:

AN][ARES: Thanks man! I think you will like my next update to this topic :wink:

Head_Chees: Hehe, maybe could use more nor, but for this I wanted not so bumpy a texture.

mr_bomb: Thanks!

dante: Hey Dante! Nice hearing from you :smiley: Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks again to Alltaken for having a good imagination :wink:

And now for an UPDATE…

(check out the first post in this thread for that ;))


Hey robertT

because i am me and Looooooooove to give the harshest of crit (not really LOL, but i don’t beat around the bush to much LOL)

i don’t know if i feel the same emotion in this work as your normal stuff, but hey its a nice quick model so far, and fills the total purpose of my concept art.

in my eyes he is a lonely somewhat depressed military captain or a highish rank.

his race is scrawny, they do not look built for battle, their armour is thin and does not protect much.

their necks are longish and forward leaning partically to counter the balance of their helmets, plus coz it makes them look more vulnrable.

infact they are like marilyn manson aliens with helmets LOL.

but the emotion i was trying to portray was
hopeless, lonely, out of place, lost…

some kind of battle that should not happen, yet is captivating.

but enough of that creative artistic analysis BS LOL.

i just felt that your image portrays the character too strongly, as if he really is a warrior, and he is strong without weakness. things like the size of the armour, the thickness of the arms, neck…

p.s. my imagination has the helmets with only 4 points out the back, however since all of this is just conceptual from my POV whatever people come up with is great, i am always very interested in what flavours others put into things.

keep it up, i’ll keep the concepts pumping, and keep seeing the adaptions rolling out. infact if people take my ideas and change them, add their own style, perhaps cartoonify somthing, change the proportions, change the meaning… then all the power to them, i love it.

seeing my concepts built by other people is a kinda strange thing for me, because there is always “the way i would have done it” but seeing them all come out is great.


i think it’d be cool to have some sort of environment reflecting off of that face thingy. not too much to take your eye away from the super-coolness of it, but a faint reflection…