alien character

I’ve modeled an alien character today: [this time, it’s a .htm, it should work without copy 'n paste]
it was supposed to look cartoony but also realistic…

any comments?


wooooooooooooooooowww!!! awesome work!! cant say more…

Neat character. I like the unusual irises, and the well spaced, easy to floss theeth. There’s a lot of details that are uncommon in your concept. Way to go !

Huh! Really cool :slight_smile:


Very unique. Great model. I really like the clothes and the overall portrait composition.

One gripe, though, and that’s the irises. I know others like them, but I think they have a bit too much detail/contrast. It’s what I notice first and really stands out as opposed to being a harmonious part of the character.

Wow! Really cool. Nice work.


What BIG EYES you have. VERY nice… Looks somewhat familiar. Where did the concept come from?


the concept jumped right out of my head into blender. :wink:

harkyman: the eyes have in fact much details and I wanted that the viewer notice them first, that’s exactly what i wanted to archieve…hehe yipeee…it works! :smiley:

Ya never know how the eyes of an alien look like, i wanted them to be kinda deep with a lot of life in them…

Thanks for the comments :slight_smile:


Great work! The shape of the head is rather unique, and those oh-so-dreamy eyes. The hair is an interesting touch, too. Hmmm…they say the eyes are the window to the soul, but I can’t see anything. :slight_smile:

wow, this little blue alien looks cool! :slight_smile:

Good job, it looks great.

Would the vertex painter allow you to change the contrast or texture in certain areas. (I’ve never really used it before)

There’s not really too much I can say. It’s an excellent compostion!

Great character! Reminds me of some kind of fish. How did you do the hair, I mean which settings did you have in the particle system?

VERY good, amazing. i wish i was that good at character modelling.

I haven’t used particles for the hair since I’m a lousy particle maker.
instead of the particles I’ve used a texture with some alpha values and such stuff to make the hair, then i maped them on various [subdevided] planes.


Wow! That is really cool. Too bad I suck at modeling :frowning:

how did you model the head? I’m workng on my first character and there are so many “modelling a head techniques” I’m not sure which one to use.


Very nice! Reminds me of the Sea Devils from Doctor Who!



excellent composition,killer imagination!!
i especially like the cloth.
keep em comin.


hey, it can’t be that bad, some months ago i thought that my modeling sucks, too [and maybe it DOES, ya never know :wink: ] it’s just a matter of the technique you are using…

I prefer modeling with SubSurf, i always start with a [SubSurfed] cube. Then i subdevide it smooth and i model the rough shape out of it, after that i go into detail by subdeviding several areas of the model… and so on.
I hope that helped you, i think there are better tuts for modeling with SubSurf. :slight_smile: