Alien Character

Hey everyone, this is the start of an alien i will (hopefully) finish. not much is done yet, but i hope to do the body, and mabye even a scene.

this is my first head! please tell me if anything looks terribly wrong!

If you want different views and/or a wireframe, then I could do that.

the color is not permanent, unless i decide to keep it tha color in the end.


Great start. Never not finish a project, keep going and do your best!

.blend on!


ill post an update once i get enough done.


it’s not much, but ill post it anyway, because i am running out of ideas.

any suggestions?


i am having trouble making the eye look like it fits into the socket. help!

disregard the las post! i got it to work beutifully!

what do you think? (the eyes have raymir on, but you can’t really tell, decause it’s refleting white. i plane on fixing this soon with an angmap, ut all my angmaps render wrong [with part of the black part still showing, like it was just wrapped into a sphere and then rendered in the scene.].)

i plan on making the skin have SSS. any suggestions for good SSS (unless the best way is the SSS script from MakeHuman.)


ok…i kinda faked SSS for now with shaders.

now…which one do you like best, the last one, or this one?

(btw, im only working on materials so much now, because i am trying to think what his body should look like. sugestions are welcome!)



i think a sort of simple human like body would be cool, i love the head though :slight_smile: , reminds me of something…but im just not sure what.

Looks vaguely reminiscent of Kang and what’s-his-name from the Simpsons. They have tentacles. I really like the expression.

By the way- what’s ‘SSS’?

LOL! i love it!

lol…i wasn’t even using a referece for the shape.

SSS stands for SubSurface Scattering. I dont know all the details, but it’s when the light gives the object a kinda transparent effect. I dont know… something like that…

why don’t you make it have a big head, and thats it, maybe some legs come out of the bottom of the head, and some arms, like that alien on Monsters Inc.