Alien Character

I was watching the SIGGRAPH face modeling video, trying to follow along to improve my modeling skills. Well, eventualy I just closed the video and started making my own thingy, and this is the result.



So whacha guys think?

EDIT: Yes, I know the ears are crappy, Im working on them.

this looks pretty cool, i think the absense of a mouth gives it an evil kinda look. I think if you just pull the ears back itll look really good. Could you post a wire please, i wound like to take a peak ot the toplogrophy. thanks

Excellant! The eyes remind me of the Drac Character for the Movie Enemy Mine.

Perhap the nose could use a little more detail to it.

Thanks guys.


Yea, the topology isnt too great.

Ill try to get an update tonight.

If you are interested in learning about topolgy edgloops, check out the thread in my signature. There’s alink there with a very good video tutorial on edgloops.

It’s looking good. Personally, I’d rotate the ears out a little ways from the head, and pull back the middle of the ear so it’s more of a gradual curve, instead of just the top part suddenly shooting back.

Thanks, Ill change that.

Now, should I have him in some sort of armor or just “regular” clothes or something else?

i personally think armor, it would make it look really evil and strange then becuase he may look like he is going into battle and because of having no mouth the helmet would look awesome

I like it.

A little update.

Any comments before I go into the body?

The added folds look good. Gives it a more organic feel. Pizzadude, the ears moved out was a good suggestion.

Looks very good so far. From front view the ears look a bit ‘wobbly’ as they go back, while a more gradual curve might look better.

Room 335: Yeah, Drac was the first thing I thought of when I saw this, even though I haven’t seen that movie for years and don’t even really remember what he looked like!

That’s great! I also saw Andy Goralszyk modelling an alien head, then started blender and modelled! My model actually came up looking al ot like yours at the eyes (crease subsurf + fallof, yeh :D)

Before I read your comment on the picture, I thought “that looks like the style from the andy-modelling video” :smiley:

Alrighty, new update. I wasnt too successful with the whole armor thing, so Im just going to try to give him some robes or something.

So, here is his muscular manly body.

Can I see a angled picture of his face?


Im thinking about giving him bat-like wings. What do you guys think?


IT looks like his face is melting–
good job though


Been busy with school, so I haven’t had much time to work on him(?).

Looks like he is a weakling, becuase you can see his bones, especially his spine, shoulder blades, hips and whatnot. It reminds me of the Protoss race in starcraft, and more like the high templar, weak but powerfull psionic powers.

I want to do that too

Looks really good, but having changed the facial characteristics and structure to a totally non-human form, you are still modelling a very human-looking body. Might be worth having a rethink as regards basic structures like:

does it have to breath, so does it have a rib cage? Could a solid structure do instead?
Does it need shoulder blades?
How many limbs does it have, and are the walking ones at the bottom, or the top?