Alien Chestburster -Gore Warning-

Back during wc117 I started this, but didn’t finish. Now I’m working towards finishing it.

Right now the main challenge is making the gore surrounding the alien look realistic–I think with a bit of practice modelling that shouldn’t be a problem.





The warning itself was pretty straight foward as I can see but doesn’t seem as gory if it deals with aliens. I think it looks nice so far though it seems like it will require a bit more work since I can only see some of the basic modeling completed.

When I first looked at it, I thought that you hade made the first picture. You’ve got a long way to go and it’s hard to really comment when we know that you’re probably going tweak it a lot.

haaha - I thought that too!
Sat here for about a minute and a half thinking “oh my god - how did he? where is the? oh… wow!”
then scrolled down a little :expressionless:

Hello my honey! Hellow my baby, hello my home town giiiirll…

Oh, wait, sorry.

The chin area needs more definition. Coming along though, should be interesting to see something like this done in 3d. I’ve yet to see really good looking gore in 3d yet. (though I don’t seek it out…so) Your work always makes me drool so this should be nice stuff.

Kansas_15: Thanks. Yeah, this is really just a concept.

munkey_mike: LOL! Hehe hopefully the final product will rock as much as the pic from the movie ;).

GnuTropix: Hehe. Well, hopefully that will change ;).

Dittohead: LMAO!!! Thanks for the crits. I totally hear you on the chin–there’s the whole side of the body from where the mouth starts that needs detail–I’m thinking of either more detailed modelling or modelling combined with displacement and bump maps. As for the gore–I’m still experimenting with modelling it properly.

Your work always makes me drool :).

I’m super busy right now, so I may/may not be able to get updates done this weekend.

Take care everyone,