alien chestburster project (gore warning)

wish i could just sculpt on this little guy forever
but now i have to think about retopoing it so that
finally i can move on to texturing and rigging.

this model is part of a much bigger project, i hope
to use this thread for updates as i go along.
thanks for looking.

showing off retopoed model with normalmap.
in the next image this little fella has been dunked
in a bucket of blood via painstaking texturing, so
just a warning.

final blood texture test render. i’m happy with it
as of now because i know how i’m gona use it and
how to show it off so it will look realistic.
moving on to adding more shed skin parts, then
rigging it for animation.

thanks for looking.

jokingly, the next couple of items i’ve started to call
“bacon & eggs”. retopo and texturing to be done later.

and here is a very wip shot of the big guy.

next step is to model some environment bone-structures,
lotsa tentacles, and then a spaceship.

thanks for looking.

As a huge Alien and Aliens fan I have to say that this work is fantastic.
With alien isolation also coming out soon, I sure am getting my fill of fantastic Alien models :D!

Whats the plan once completed?

thank you sir!
these are short film assets.
the plan is to insert them into already shot scenes
in a dark, rainy parking garage.

Awesome! I’m also a big fan of the franchise… I’ve tried to model the xeno myself before but couldn’t even get close to what you’ve got so far.

How many trianges are you working with that sculpt?

I’ll be following ;)…

I’m just posting this lame comment so I can find this awesome thread later:


The models are looking fantastic! Looking forward to seeing how this project pans out.

nice work!! Very nice modeling indeed

some progress update.
thanks for looking.

Doing great! You gonna do the little mouth also?

Skills you have.

sorry for the late response.
yes, i will model the little
mouth as well.

redesigned and refined the head and the leg.
still lots to do, far from finished.
next i think i’m gona work on the tail a bit more.

thanks for looking.

I don’t know if you’ve seen this, but you just might get your wish soon:

yes, i have seen it and i’m super excited about it. can’t wait to play with it.
campbell is my no:1 dev hero right now!

all sorts of bits.
need thousands of them!

thanks for looking!

this stuff is great. These test renders don’t quite look wet enough. Needs a thick layer of shimmery slime in the material.

thanks floatvoid!

these models have no proper textures
and materials yet, i just used the built
in matcap shaders on them.

started with hard surface modeling on a
futuristic vtol aircraft. took inspiration from
jon michael may’s atc-125j cayuga design
on deviantart to model something similarly
futuristic but still rooted in today’s technology.

this pic update shows the rough vtol model
design i was aiming for & the finished wheels
that i have already started working on along
with some more background bits for the alien

thanks for looking.

I’ve Had a xenomorph sculpting project in the back of my head for the longest time. But your work is just really great so far, had to comment. Giger would be proud.

wo! cool! I love this