alien city

modelled and rendered in Blender2.23
+a small photoshop blur and color correction

Uuuh :o i love the atmosphere there! but maybe it should be a little darker or something

Nice, the blur gives it a nice touch, cool model too.

I might agree on it beig a bit overexposed.


huh. everytime I see your work, I’m thinking of quiting 3d… you sir, just rule. all the stuff you show here, is amazing. you somehow manage to combine 2d and 3d in a way I haven’t seen before. most of the stuff dont look 3D (or cg) at all. (and that’s a big plus in my book)

this picture, is simple, perhaps not the most interesting of your stuff, but it has the same style…

what is your postproduction trick, I wonder…


I always use this (Photoshop)

-gaussian blur
-fade gaussian blur

I repeat this with various settings on channels (all/red/green/blue).

And the color correction. I use the “curves” function and I set different angles on each color channel. This add more colours for the picture.

cool pic, excellent atmosphere!

Ahh. So nice. Composition/lighting always win the day. Nice post technique, too.

i like it actually, with the lighting and stuff, it has a very pure feel to it. nice.

Very nice! I like the lighting, it adds to the alien-ness of the scene.

Simple but impressive!