Alien concept

Hello everyone! My name is Jaroslav and I’m a freelance cg artist from Czech Republic. I’ve been using Blender for over 9 years now. Even though I wasn’t so much active with posts (I’m sorry for that), I am a very active observer of this forum. I will try to improve and post more of my work.

Here is the most recent - Alien concept.

Hi-res verion HERE

hey, that’s great work, congratulations onthe awards too. hope we see more of your stuff here as well :slight_smile:

he detail is grate. vary believable

Great character! Welcome to the forums.

Excellent :slight_smile:

great work

I would like to see it with some increased specularity, but it definitely has a good feel already.

i am usually not so much in aliens, but yours really has something special, despite the simple forms. the color scheme too is very pleasing. nice work.

oh man this is hilarious! If you cut the image right above the eyes, he looks like a serious version of E.T. :-).
And now honestly, the alien head looks great. You have some nice details (snake skin?). I also like the color variation. A very creative alien head, i can’t compare it with anything that i know.

Thank you all for the comments, I really appreciate the support :). I will post very soon some screenshots from Blender.
Cerfribar - he also reminds me little E.T. in a face. I was little surprised about this, because it was not intentional. I just sculpted and this came out :D. Texture is not snake skin, but a mixture of brushes and filters from photoshop.

Hello. I finally had some time to spare. Here I post a screenshot from Blender for those who are interested in skin setup. I used very simple, but in my case very effective shader setup. I specialy used lower specularity value for this render, maybe somebody would prefere higher, but I decided to keep it low. I hope you can find something useful :).

This such a great design! Awesome work!

This is really really nice render and result! Well done. Share more of your art with us :slight_smile:

Wow, love all the detail.