Alien Crash

Modeled UFO and textured environment today:

Tomarrow: going to UVMap the UFO and model + texture some military vechicles.:slight_smile:

Possibly an animation to be planned.

Looks cool but the rocks are too dark compared to the sky. I can barely see the UFO, in the smaller version at least. I guess it’s just like in the old UFO movies where you never get a good look at it :smiley: The smoke and the glow from the fire look good. Nice color on those rocks, kinda like Mars. Um, wait, this is earth right?

I agree you could work on your lighting some, and I enjoy the glow effects to :slight_smile: But it is like light outside and you can barely see anything :expressionless:


Thats pretty cool!
Nice red-ish colors.



I gave up on UVMapping the UFO… it’s about 150,000 faces and wings crashed 5 times lol.

i’m drawing the storyboard for the animation… .hopefully i’ll be posting that in FP within a wk or 2 :wink:

This is my 1st blenderfilm so…
Wish me luck. :smiley:

made things a bit brighter :slight_smile:

Look a lot better :slight_smile: good job!

Thanks. :slight_smile: