Alien Creature Sculpt WIP

Got a computer powerful enough to handle sculpting well and thought I’d give it a go. Like it a lot, fits in well with my sketching technique of constant scribbling and smoothing. Lesson learned from this so far, make sure that you have the basic shape laid out well before beginning the sculpting - the neck and shoulders on this are pulled out from the original shape and now they don’t take texture very well.

Still to do: color this thing, maybe do a retopo and rig for some animation tests.


Another lesson learned - took over an hour tonight for this machine to unwrap some 500K faces, and I’m not even sure that was necessary. I think that I can paint directly on the model if I remember that “texture a rock” tutorial right. Any advice on painting directly to detailed models? Good tutorials?

Looks really cool. I think it has to be unwraped with a texture applied to it to do projection painting, like in the tutorial.

Ah, “projection painting”. That’s what I was searching for. Thanks.

Now that u say it´s powerfull, what´s your pc config…?

If you use multires to increase the polycount of your model, you should be able to unwrap at the lowest subdivision level, which ought to be much quicker.

Nice sculpt.

Should have said more powerful than the steam powered calculator I used to use. New machine is:

Intel Core i7-920
MSI Radeon HD 4890 OC 1GB
4 GB RAM, or however much of that XP lets me use.