Alien Doodle

Just goofing around with dynotopo, came up with this alien guy. Did some basic texture painting on him, some quick lighting, and thought it turned out pretty cool for a few hours worth of doodling.

I love it that what i’d consider a masterpiece would be considered by others as “a quick doodle” :slight_smile:

I agree, great details and anatomy knowledge. It looks great overall. I cant say something bad about it besides that you should add some env lighting ( I think its a bit dark in some areas) but that`s only personal preference. :slight_smile:

Nice work but I have a question the fine details is it sculpted or textured?

You are a real skin maker hype!
Well done.

Thanks for the nice comments! :slight_smile:

… the fine details is it sculpted or textured?

It’s all sculpted detail. I have a very subtle noise bump map on the skin shader, but it’s just a tiny noise pattern, not anything sculpted or painted on. Here’s some screenshots.

Yes – the sculpt is decent but the texture/shader is amazing!

It’s really not a complex shader or anything. Here’s a screenshot. Painted the image using the texture painting tools, mixed it with a glossy shader using fresnel to apply the gloss, then the tiny, tiny bump pattern.