Alien Eggs WIP

Started this WIP last night. I thought the eggs looked sort of cool so i’ll post this as my current WIP. Still modelling so i don’t know why i started textures already. The floor texture will go and i just realised i left some panels untextured.
Any comments, crits and/or advice welcome.
EDIT: Uploaded the image again, sry. Don’t know what happened.

the eggs looks too flat and thay have the same textures…you’ll never find two eggs with the same texture in nature!

i dont see no image. sorry.


Uploaded the image again.

pretty cool, one thing that seems out of place though are the little stacked things on the floor beside eggs that alternate darkblue/lightblue. they might fit in better with some sort of texture on them.

i love it! esp for a WIP. Lifeless tho…maybe an alien checking on them? monitoring panels?

Looking good! I’d randomize the texture on the eggs as was mentioned before.
Also, I’m a big fan of dramatic camera angles, try one with your camera close to one of the eggs looking down the row at the rest, maybe with some DOF.

Thnx for the support guys. It means alot.
I’ll randomize the egg texture and add monitoring panels next. Thnx PapaSmurf, just not sure if could model an alien though, ill give it a shot.
Interesting idea about the camera angle Phrangkk, ill experiment a bit, see what a can produce.
I’ve tweaked the image a fair bit and added a power source for the canisters.
Cheers to all!
EDIT: Everytime i come back here the image seems to have been deleted, like WTH? Uploaded again.

Well, apart from the things mentioned, the lack of details on the floor and the roof, it looks pretty good. Especially the colors you’ve used, very cold but the “warm”, glowing eggs make it very balanced.
As said before, some more details and asymmetry (at the moment everything seems simply duplicated…) would bring a lot of life into this. At the moment it is rather static and “boring”. Another camera angle might be interesting but is not necessary, I think.

J, some good lighting there. I like it. I think you have got some really good responces on how to improve it. Listen to em.
Good job, your getting better.

Hey again.
I know this update is still looking rather static and boring. More duplicated objects! hehe. Im still working on how to kick some randomness into it. I thought greebling on the walls, floors and ceiling might overcome this? Im still working on a possible alien and camera positions.
Added some monitors.
Myke: That comment was really good. Appreciated.
dd: Gee thnx man! lol
Please let me know if its at least an improvement.
Which of these 2 images looks better? If any…
K, thnx all.

An idea:
Maybe one of the eggs could be a slightly different size/shape/color. The monitor in front of it could display something very different. The room wouldn’t have the same “copy paste” look to it if you changed something like that.
Perhaps the egg could be hatching? or needs more care?
Ooh, someone could be replacing the different-looking egg with a new one that is less mature.

Just trying to give some inspiration.

Samf has some good points, eggs and monitors can produce a lot of dynamic, right now they are only static and duplicated. It is a lot of work to produce textures and settings for every object on its own but in the end it is worth it :wink:

Also, another thing: the lighting is good and quite dramatic, but I think it needs some finetuning. The shadows are weird and distracting, as are the too strong highlights. It isn’t quite clear where the light comes from, either. That is okay, as long as shadows aren’t as noticable as here, here it just takes away from the feeling, if you ask me. Probably modeling some lightsources, adjusting the lamps (have you “Spec” turned off?) will help that.

But don’t worry - this is going to be very excellent. It already is, but you can always improve something, don’t you :wink:

Experiment render. Wasn’t going to post until i had done more but, anyway.
The egg won’t stay hatched like that i want it “opening” up from the top instead. Like the movie. I don’t think eggs like this hatch as chicken eggs do.
Also was just looking for a good position to place the alien. So its taken me 5 hours so far to model a silly thing like that Not much practice with organic modelling as you can see. So the scene remains the same for now.
Going to change the screen of the hatching monitor, add a flashing red LED, spend time on the egg textures and model a railed crane delivering an egg.
samf: Seriously gave me some great ideas. I’ll be incorparating everything you mentioned. Thnx for the inspiration.
Myke: Those shadows look weird i know, lol. I saw them on the back wall straight after my last post. Thnx hey, i’ll model light sources and do what else you mentioned. Just spent all my time on that piss ant alien. Once again thnx for the feedback.

Im calling it finished after i redo textures on the eggs, play with lighting…some more, and add the crane delivering the new egg. It all seems over congested and doesn’t seem to have really any ‘feel’, ‘point’, ‘focus’ .Learning experience i guess. If anything, i learnt it takes time to concentrate on all aspects of an image, even if you think you can get away with simply duplicating the same object. Maybe im trying to hard to impress and not focusing on the real deal. I dunno.
A comment would be appreciated to where im up 2.

Seems you’re not quite satisfied with your work. But you are right, this is an important and vital learning experience - it often needs much more work than you think. If you can get through all the problems, though, it will be worth it.
And yes, a good point about the “real deal”…an image, regardless in what medium, needs composition, colors, harmony but also dynamics.

Let’s see…your perspective was (and is) dead static. At least the symmetry is now broken, with the shattered glas tube on the right. Still, if you really want to get some more focus with the perspective, you need to rotate the viewing angle. Otherwise you won’t get much more out of it, even if you add more details. A slight rotation might be they key already, you don’t have to overdo it. Also, don’t be afraid to choose a “weird” angle…

Another thing: colors. Stay away from these purple things in the background. They add too much confusion, you should not use too many colors in that image - you have a dominant green, a strong blue-ish and the flashy, focus drawing red. Try some other color than purple, it doesn’t fit, if you ask me. Either another, or just stick to it and make it less saturated or something. Or a color you have already used, maybe green or blue.

The lighting…aah, not too sure. Play with it more, then we’ll see how it works out.

Wow, a lot of “bad stuff”, as it seems. But there is also a lot of good stuff - the idea with the broken egg is great, the aliens in the shadows mysterious and spooky. Your modeling also pretty good, with a good design. Overall, it is already pretty good. It can be excellent, though :wink: