Alien Eggs

For some reason the preview image for the video is jacked up, the video doesn’t look like that though.

SSS and Volumetrics. 3k samples/frame. 720p.

Great using of metaballs and awesome shading and texturing. I tried to work with metaballs too last week-end, here my result:

This great tool is not used enough for my opinion.

The sound!

Sound sure adds a lot… Well done.

very cool - was this with 2.70?

Yeah they’re super fun! You can do a lot with them if you get creative enough…

SynaGl0w: The sound definitely adds a lot, that’s a mixture of like 12 different “gushy” sounds i found online, I think it’s a bit overdone, lol.

wolfred: Yeah it was made with a development version of 2.70, you can grab a build from

The Alien eggs look spuer cool. they look indcredibly realistic, even though alien eggs are not real:evilgrin: