alien emperess

(AN][ARES) #1

this is the reason why i started to render anyway

i am a great fan of aliens and now i was able to render my dreams :slight_smile:
all textures are from avp2.

i remodeled the hole creature by the textures itself thus every part is exactly adepted to these.

the model consists of about 19000 vertices smoothed with one time subsurf

was about 40 h work (a lot of that was just learning how to do certain things)

for those who dont know… the emperess is the being above the alien queens. thats why it doesnt have the std colors of an alien queen

(Ecks) #2

:o :o :o :o :o :o :o
This is one of my dream too! I always wanted to model an alien! and your kick some ass! Which is you favorite alien movie? Me, I like the 2 alot more that the other…the worst is the 3…Very good model! keep up the good work!

(garbager) #3

awesome model, canwe see it wireframe plz!!!
My favorite aline movie is the 3.
But hey , I’m french , I prefer slow movies :wink:

(TheHobbit) #4

Don’t let it eat me!

(blengine) #5

whoooooooaaaaaa… aweosm alien!!!

can we see a non texture render to see what details were modeled?

(saluk) #6

Wow, this IS pretty impresive!
Some of the lighting seems a bit too shiny and comes out looking kind of strange, other than that it’s a great model and render.
Better than I’ll ever be able to do.

(SGT Squeaks) #7

hey thats awesome!!! the only thing that seems strange to me is it feet, but other than that great job!!

(S68) #8


/me runs away


(sten) #9

Cool work !


(Hexa-dB) #10

Wow :o Excellent modelling and some really nice textures too :slight_smile:

Sorry but I have to ask this. How did you make the tail? It’s becoming an obsession for me - I have to make some tentacles for my sentinel!

(BgDM) #11

Nice job. The colours seem a bit saturated in spots. Maybe tweak the textures a bit to get the contrast down slightly. Nice job on the specular areas I love those slimy aliens.

The only problem I have with this model is the legs. They just seem too short.

Great work. I would also like to see a non-textured version, as gramps suggested, to see all that you modelled.


(9) #12

Dieu m’tripote!! :o :o :o :o :o and :o

I am a big Alien and specially HR GIGER’s work fan! And your creature is… beautiful, can’t say it other way.
There is an idea about making CGI pics from paintings which is running in a couple of thread, I’m shaking when I think about CGI inspired from GIGER…

GREAT job!


(AN][ARES) #13

wireframe single color with subsurf

wireframes multi color side view

yeah of course there are still alot of mistakes in the model. for propotions i used lithtech modeledit talon engine to analyse the model of avp2.
i think the model is ok :slight_smile:

the drone will be better :smiley:

i like alien 4 resurrection most (till the newborn appears which IMO ruins the hole film)
otherwise alien 2 is now doubt the best of all cause: got more action
2.solves some ridles (queen, hive)
3.even improved the horror and overall film quality compared to alien 1 the best showdown i ever seen (loader vs queen)

alien 3 is just a remake of alien 1 if u look at the situation… no weapons… single alien hunting humans… close areas within a large building (like on the nostromo)
the tricks were better of course, but it couldnt keep the action like in alien 2 nor the tense like in alien 1.

this is my rating, but nevertheless i like ALL films

(Dani) #14


9 a Ă©crit/wrote:

Dieu m’tripote!!

Mouarfff!!! Didn’t know this expression! I like it very much! :smiley:

And I like the picture a lot, that blue thing she’s got on her head looks excellent! i love it (looks like refraction and all those pretty stuff!). The wet feel is perfectly rendered.

I’ve only got a problem with her feet… they look, ermm… flexible, unable to wear the lady’s weight.

(my favorite is Alien 3)

(Dani) #15

:o :o :o

My god!!! Your subsurf-wireframe looks almost shaded, it’s soooo dense in there! How did you manage to do this?!! What sort of computer do you have?!! Really impressive modelling!!!

Ermm? what’s the next step? Animation? no? :wink:

eh :smiley:


(AN][ARES) #16

erm… the legs could easily carry the weight of the queen cause they are biomechanical what’s a lot more stable then human bodies.
it also got an endo AND exoskeleton that improves stability even more.

normally queen isnt meant for running but for laying eggs btw :wink:

the tail?.. easy… just use dupliframes. u have to build only a single tail element and make it parent to a path (or bezier curve) . then activate “dupliframes” at the tail element.

(9) #17

Of course!..
Since a while a was wondering about a method to model a spine, this technique is the way I like: simple and clever!
Thanks for the tip.

Dani: j’aime aussi beaucoup cette expression, et quelques autres…