Alien Environment + Chracter

First time i post a project of mine here :o
The last few weeks i was working on an futuristic Environment and a Alien Character.
here are a few pictures that show some wip renders:

I worked today with “Sculptris” on the Alien Character but i figured out that it is useless if you want to use the model in Blender after Sculpting fine Details.
I can import the Model in Blender but Blender crashes if i want to Bake Normals :eek:
So i will Sculpt everything again with Blenders Sculpt-Tool.
here are a few pictures from Sculptris:

Great work so far Ali. I especially liked the textured mushroom field. The Sculptris model looks fine too, though you could probably do more with it. Rather than starting a new sculpture from scratch, why not retopologize the Sculptris model and then sculpt on top of the new model?

great lense effects. cool mushroom field indeed :slight_smile: everything looks spot on!

@trancerobot: Thank you. I dont need to start a new Sculpting i got the basemesh in blender :wink:

@zeffii: thanks :wink:

here is a bigger render of the environment:

EDIT: oh its scaled down … sry original resolution is 1754 X 1240


This is going to look fantastic when it is finished. No crits from me, just encouragement, it’s going great!

@3dementia: thanks :wink:

here is a little “update” from the Character. its no real update as its the same as above but this time Sculpted in Blender :wink:
275.485 vertices so far

EDIT: dont mind the crazy distortion. That are the parts where i did not sculpted yet =)


small update


new render


I think the alien came out great, might be a bit much DOF on the last environment render. Great work, keep it up!

The alien’s centre of gravity looks slightly too far forward, but apart from that it all looks amazing!

Oh, if you have a basemesh, you could have subdivided the basemesh to about x3 or x4, and done a shrink-wrap over the Sculptris model. Then you can use the resulting shrink-wrapped mesh instead of the imported one.

@3dementia: yeah its a lot DOF but i want to print the image on A4 or maybe even A3 and i think that big its ok but i will see … :spin:

@Zephyris: you are right i really have to think a bit about anatomy when designing creatures :no:

@trancerobot: :eek: i never heard of that Modifier hahaha maybe next time thanks anyway


Nice work!
Maybe the vegetation could grow up the walls more.

@TAMcCullough: yes you are right but unfortunately my deadline is almost reached …

here is my final render of the tube :stuck_out_tongue: (yeah its the old post with some PS postpro)

and uhm somehow he got panties dont know how and why they are that ugly :confused:



BTW If you want to use sculptris without crashing blender on the obj import, try downloading Meshlab which is free and has a decimator tool and will handle sculptris output no prob :slight_smile:


thank you i may try that

Wonderful work , well done and very creative. Congratulations Ali, i really like it. Waiting for the movie!