alien evolution on discovery channel

did anyone see the discovery special on alien life forms? wow, that was cool. makes me want to blend. well,…everything makes me want to blend, but this in particular. i couldn’t help think but that the people who made the aliens were long time fans of ‘barlowes guide to extraterrestrials’.

Yeah. I made sure I got home by 8 to see it. The graphics were amazing, and it does give that boost of inspiration. But I think the scientific side was very lacking. What they are basing any of that information on is beyond me.


man, i wish i had cable or sattelite instead of this ol’ antenna. well that and dsl… :frowning: being slightly poor sucks

the scientific side was very lacking

yeah, one thing in particular that bothered me was, it seemed like there were alot of bipedal life forms, but no explanation as to why they were bipedal. it seemed unlikely that they would evolve that way. also, the skewer birds didn’t make a whole lot of sense. i think my favorite was the giant thing that roamed the ameobeoid sea.

If you look at life here, there is a lot of bipedal stuff. But humans are the only ones that walk upright, and without the aid of forelimbs or a tail. A lot of those creatures looked like altered meshes from the Walking With Dinosaurs thing.

I would have to say that predetor in the trees that could glide (I forget what they called it) was my favorite. I thought it was creative how the lower jaw was connected to that tube and then to its’ chest.

About half way through, I was expecting the smarter beings to be the stereotype alien, just for kicks. Grey, short, 4 fingers, huge black eyes. Ah well, the smart ones they came up with were just as good.