Alien / Fanatasy Script

Hello all,

I just finished a long term project. I have taken chinese pen strokes and integrated them with the roman alphabet based on a binary representation system to produce a new cursive script.

It can easily be used as an alien/futuristic text when needed
check it out…
No ads, no fee, completely free, nothing in it for me except the pride of seeing it used

There is an online text generator, input text and it generates an image
still not 100% perfect, work in progress

absolutely no legal reservations, use it in whatever you want, profit or non-profit.

P.S. If you do use it I would LOVE to see. It’s like a baby to me, been raising her for about 5 years now [email protected]


Hmm… I kind of expected the image output page to make a single image you could take away and do stuff with.

Interesting idea though.

So this is based on real-world languages?

its just a nw set of characters that replaces the roman alphabet, so yes, I used it to write english, but it could be used for any language based on the roman alphabet(spanish french etc)

Looks good. Will use to confuse the heck out of friends.